INK WILL SPILL is a series of made up headlines using the same typeface in style and size as a typical New York Times headline. Full Project Statement HERE.

2020 brought many challenges, yet each day I was fortunately able to get up, grab a cup of coffee, read the New York Times, put one foot in front of the other and move forward. While daily routines often seemed mundane, the daily headlines were becoming increasingly alarming. I found myself becoming more and more exasperated and overwhelmed by the large type headlines confronting me each day. Feeling desperate and helpless, I just started to make up my own.

Extending upon my ongoing project, RESIDUAL INK DRAWINGS, a series that utilizes reclaimed ink from empty ink jet cartridges, I began this series INK WILL SPILL, using the same typeface in style and size as a typical NYT headline. Extracting letters from actual headlines I devised a method that allowed the ink to bleed and soak through the paper, leaving the text almost unreadable. For me, this more accurately reflected my own internal world.

How news and information is told and sold has been a long- standing interest of mine. I often feel saturated with the data and statics that pour over me day after day. For me, this project mimics and visualizes how our daily experiences are layered, absorbed and stored within us as we wait for the future to arrive. As one day blurs into the next, comprehension often seems just beyond my grasp. 

You Can't Make This Shit Up
It Is What It Is
This Is So Fucking Exhausting
What Could Go Wrong
I'm Going to Scream
It's all A Blur Now
I'm So Confused
Do I Need To Spell It Out For You
Can You Believe This Shit
Are We Done Yet
Nothing Ever Changes
Who'd Have Thought
That Was Some Crazy Shit
Results May Vary
Shit Happens
How Does She Do It
Fucking Bitch
Heads I Win Tails You Loose
What Is This Shit
Can Your Hear Me Now
Waiting For The Future To Arrive
Ink Will Spill